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Monthly Archives: June, 2007

Summer Read-In

This month, the Christian Fiction Blog is holding “The Spirit of Summer Read-In” featuring The Spirit of Sweetgrass from Thursday, June 21 – July 28 2007. Owner Dee Stewart asked … Continue reading

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A Day of Mourning, A Glimmer of Hope

My husband and I watched the movie Blood Diamond last night. Very disturbing. If there could be something more upsetting than watching innocent African people slain in their homes and … Continue reading

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Good Times, Good People

My past few events have been extremely rewarding! Last weekend was the highly-anticipated 3rd Annual Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Festival. Emily Morrison of the Mount Pleasant Barnes and Noble gets kudos … Continue reading

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Many thanks to the Christian Fiction Blog Alliance for reviewing The Spirit of Sweetgrass this week. I’ve read lots of interesting comments about the book. Here are some of my … Continue reading

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