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2016 Eat a Book Challenge

eatmeHappy New Year! If you’re anything like me, my New Year’s resolutions always involve two things…getting in shape physically…and BOOKS. Very often, my resolve is to exercise more, eat less, and write more. Each year I resolve to write a new book. To sell a new book. But this year, I’ve decided to combine both the physical and the mental resolutions: I’m going to READ more…in order to eat less and write more.

Here’s my thinking: Every time I feel myself going to grab a snack or desert, I’m going to think of my favorite character Alice in Wonderland when she was stuck in that in between place. She’d fallen into the hole and wanted to get to the garden. Me too! Anybody else feel that way? She was given a choice, “Eat me” or “Drink me”. One made her smaller and one made her tall. Remember that? Well, I’m going to do like Alice and “Eat Me” a book whenever I want to eat me some more calories. This will take a little preparation.

  1. First, surround yourself with good books. (check!)
  2. Carry one with you at all times or keep one in each room (along with your reading glasses).
  3. Every time you want to snack, remember Alice and go Eat a book instead!

How many pounds would you like to lose? 5? Add 5 books to your yearly intake. 10? 15?Need some accountability? Goodreads has a book challenge. If you’d like to take part in the 2016 Goodreads Challenge, you can do so here.

alicedoorThink of the benefits of reading! The more you read, the less stress you will have. The  better your memory will become. The smarter you will become. The more inspired you will become to do, to give, to love, to WRITE!

So this year, join me in my Eat a Book Challenge. And let me know how it’s going. Tell me the great books you’re reading. Tell me if you’ve lost a pound! Don’t forget to exercise (to an audiobook? Of course!). And when those leftover Christmas goodies are calling your name late at night… just say, “Eat Me,” and go grab a good book to digest instead.

PS. Below is an Alice in Wonderland bookmark template you can print and cut out to put in your books to remember your challenge. God bless you, and hope this is your best year yet!



One comment on “2016 Eat a Book Challenge

  1. rachelhauck
    January 1, 2016

    Interesting! Great idea!

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